• Draw routes on a map before you ride, then download to your GPS unit for turn-by-turn directions
  • See elevation profile as you draw, so you know how difficult the ride will be before you head out
  • No sign-up required, Supports Garmin Communicator, but no GPS required. Sign up for a free account
  • Go to the Ride With GPS site Go to your general start area by entering an address on the right side
  • Click your mouse on the point where you wish to start the ride
  • Continue mapping by clicking on points anywhere on the map. By default Ride with GPS will follow roads.
  • Better than Map My Ride! You can pull points by pulling any point on the route (similar to "find directions" in Google Maps
  • Your cue sheet develops on the right side as you plot points on the route on the map, and corrects as you make changes
  • Copy the cue sheet for the left or download from options listed on the right and paste directly into your word processor, or "paste special" into an Excel sheet to customize.
  • Download GPX or or TCX files for your Garmin from options listed on the right and transfer to the GPX or TCX (Courses) folder in your Garmin .

Go to the Ride With GPS site

GPS for Bicycles

How to use your Garmin Edge 705 with RideWithGPS

The Garmin Edge 705 has been designed for easy use while cycling. The toggle below the screen is used to select from menus, scroll down, and even select letters for typing. Push it sideways or up and down to select letters on a screen or to choose from a menu. Push the toggle to make the selection.

(1) After opening the package, plug your Garmin Edge 705 into the USB port or charger that was included in the box. Allow battery to charge for at least three hours.

(2) Hold down the power button on the Garmin until it turns on , a couple of seconds. Now leave the Garmin by a window for about half an hour while it searches for satellites. It will search for satellites frequently when turned on, but only this first time will take so long.

(3) The CD enclosed with your Garmin has a Quick Reference Guide and a User manual. The User Guide primarily shows what the various buttons are for.

Set up your Garmin to communicate with Ride With GPS

Communication with your Garmin GPS requires the Garmin Communicator Plugin — the free internet browser plugin that sends and retrieves data from Garmin GPS devices and letting you connect your Garmin GPS with your favorite website. It works with Ride With GPS and perhaps other mapping sites such as MapMy Ride. Once the plugin is installed, just connect your Garmin GPS device to your computer, and you’re on your way. The Garmin Communicator can send and retrieve data from any supported website. Go to the download page .

Go the Add Content column atRide With GPS and click on Garmin Sync. If you are using Firefox, install the Firefox version. If the Garmin Communicator Plugin is already installed, it will next ask for permission to communicate with your Garmin. After allowing permission, you will see a page with a world map which reads Import Garmin GPS Data. This feature allows you to transfer any saved rides from the Garmin to the Ride With GPS site.

n the Add Content page you will see options to Draw A Route, Upload data from your Garmin , or upload GPX/TCX/KML data files). This is for Uploading routes or data FROM the Garmin to your computer.

Transfering routes created on Ride With GPS and Map My Ride to the Garmin

Either draw a new route or go to your profile and select a route you have already created with Ride With GPS . After a route is created you may export the map from the ride page to your Garmin following the instructions below.

The TCX Course file is accessed in the Training section of your Garmin Edge device and allows you to follow the ride route and track your personal performance. The ride route will be highlighted on an interactive map. Your position and heading are indicated by an arrow that moves with you along the map. Zoom in to see turns, but using the TCX Course file, you won’t be given turn prompts. This is best used for personal time trials.

Garmin Edge 605 / 705 GPX Track file.

This file type only works with the Garmin Edge 605 and 705 and can be chosen from the Saved Rides list on the Garmin. Unlike the TCX files, with GPX the Garmin gives ride directions and announces upcoming turns, and lets you know if you are off course, directing you back to the route. The following directions are for these files.

Downloading the GPX file to the computer:

(1) Fom the ride page on Ride With GPS , Download the GPX Track file to your computer. Next you will see the ride in the downloads file,. Right click to Show Folder. You will see the folder and the file.

(2) Transfering the GPX file from computer to Garmin: If the Garmin drive is not already showing, do the following: In RidewithGPS, go to Add Content, and click on Garmin Sync. Now click on My Computer and make sure it is showing the Garmin drive (will have a letter indicating the drive as well). Transfer of GPS files is similar with Map My Ride. Build a ride and save it or go to an existing one. In the Route column, go to "Save to GPX. A window will open, and click on Download GPX file. Then copy the saved GPX file from the folder on the computer in Step 1 into the Garmin’s GPX folder as follows: Make sure you select GPX Track, rather than GPX Route, which will not generate navagation prompts. You can open the GPX folder to be sure the new file is now there. You can also drag multiple files at one time.

Following the downloaded route with your Garmin

The Garmin can be operated after unplugging from the computer and pushing the power button. Powering up and finding satellites will take about a minute. When you’re at the designated start location to begin the ride go to the Main Menu, push the toggle button to select Where To, then scroll down to Saved Rides and you'll find the ride you just saved. Select the ride and push Navigate, allowing the Garmin a minute or two to process the route. Then press the mode button a few times until it shows the map screen and begins generating a map. The Garmin will prompt for turns as long as you remain in map mode.

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