No More Flats

Bike New England uses puncture-resistant Continental Ultra Gatorskin bicycle tires

In 2000, I rode across the country with the Bike Ride Across America. Somewhere in Montana, I began to experience flats on a daily basis, caused by tiny broken wires from truck retreads that imbedded and worked their way into my Michelin tires. The tour mechanic recommended a set of Specialized Armadillo tires, and I rode without a flat the rest of the way across the country. The Armadillo is the ultimate in flat-protection, practically bomb-proof, but at the cost of a heavy tire that many feel does not hold the road very well. Those tires finally wore to the kevlar belt, and no flats), I searched for an equally durable tire but with improved feel, control, and less weight. That's when I discovered the Continental Ultra Gatorskin, and they have served me for 8 years and 20,000 miles without no flats.

A durable carbon black mixture, the ultimate in puncture protection, and DuraSkin-anti-cut fabric sidewalls turn the Ultra GatorSkin into the best choice for a great-riding tire, virtually puncture-proof. The Ultra Gatorskin comes in widths from 23mm to 32mm . The light weight, sturdy construction and modern tread design delivers speed and efficiency and reliable grip for great road cycling. Constructed with a triple redundant flat protection system : 3 plies / total 180 tpi / Safety System Breaker + DuraSkin. Its higher price pays you back with thousands of miles of riding without flats. It's light enough for the weekend racer and durable enough for the debris of city streets. Tired of flats? I can't guarantee you will never get one, but this is my experience. I carry a pump, patch kit, and spare tube just so I can fix my friend's flats. The only flat I've had is when I broke the stem on the tube after five years of use. That tube did not have a patch.

Get a set of Gatorskins --Gordon Harris, owner, Bike New England

Gatorskin Tire Size Chart

tire ETRTO dimension color weight wire weight foldable rec. inflation, psi max. inflation, psi
Ultra GatorSkin 28-559 26x1 1/8 black/black 350 95 116
23-571 650 x 23C black/black 260 - 110 120
23-622 700 x 23C black/black 280 230 gm 110 120
25-622 700 x 25C black/black 300 250 gm 95 120
28-622 700 x 28C black/black 320 - 95 116
32-630 27 x 1 1/4 black/black 340 - 95 102 Customer Reviews:

"The Continental Ultra Gatorskins cannot be beat. I have gone through two set of these tires and am about to buy my third set. I have thousands of miles on these tires and have NEVER had a flat! I ride all kinds of roads. Just two days ago I was riding with a buddy who got a huge screw in his tire and a second flat from a metal wire all in one 150 mile ride. We rode the same roads and I had no problems at all. I cannot recommend this tire more highly."

"Terrific tires, light weight, very few flats (I ride a lot), last a long time, no problems mounting them by hand. What else to say? "

"As a cash strapped Master Cat 4 racer I like the fact that I can use one wheel that is durable enough to train on full time yet light enough to not impact my race performance."

"I switched to a fancy-schmancy high price/high pressure tire and they could not take the abuse the Gatorskins could. I switched back (a couple hundred dollars later!)and have had no problems since."

"I ride in Newark NJ and the surrounding environs many miles every week. Lots of glass and other road hazards to shred your ride. The Gatorskins keep you on your bike and not in your patch kit. Buy them! "

"Don't buy these tires! They are so good that I'm afraid they'll raise the price more if demand goes up.


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